Monitor your trademarked keywords

You own a trademark? Brand Cat will find all of the registered domains and websites using your trademarked keyword(s) and will monitor for new ones

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First step: add your keyword to be monitored

Just add a keyword and let BrandCat start searching for domains registered with them.

And after a bit of waiting ...

You'll need to give BrandCat to find all of the domain names matching your keywords ..

Your results will appear

  • You'll be able to export them to CSV format for easier download
  • Their abuse contacts will also be picked up from their hosting provider and domain registrar to file a complaint.
  • BrandCat will also give its best guess whether the domain is parked (i.e. not used), if it's placed for sale by a domainer or if it has an active website.

Reports and stats breakdown won't hurt

  • Graphs and charts to show you the amount of active/parked domains
  • You will also get reports of new domain matches found monthly
  • If you wish, you will also get daily/weekly/monthly email reports if/when BrandCat finds anything new

Choose the right plan which suits your needs the best

Yearly payment plan