Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change my keywords?

You can remove your keyword(s) 7 days after you've added them. If you added a keyword by mistake, just drop us a message through the contact form here.

Do you collect payment data (e.g. credit card info) yourself?

We do not collect or store the credit card or any other sensitive info ourselves, Stripe does it for us.

If I decide to upgrade package, how much will I be charged?

If you decide to upgrade your package in the middle of the usage, you will be charged only for the difference between the package you're using and the package you intend to upgrade to.

For example, say that you're using Sarge package, charged $18 per month, and that on the 15th day, you've decided to upgrade to Maverick, which costs $30 per month. The price difference will be $12 per month, and since half of the month has already been used, you will be charged $6 and then from the next month month, you'll start getting charged $30.