Billing & Refunds Policy

You will have 10 days of free trial to use BrandCat. To start the trial period, you will have to enter your credit card info with our payment processor, Stripe. We do not collect or store the credit card or any other sensitive info ourselves, Stripe does it for us.

After the trial has completed you will be charged either monthly or yearly in advance, depending from the billing period you choose.

You will have 15 days after the last payment to change your mind and if you request a refund during that time, we will issue you a full refund.

After 15 days have passed, we will only issue you the refund for your last month.

If you decide to upgrade your package in the middle of the usage, you will be charged only for the difference between the package you're using and the package you intend to upgrade to.

For example, say that you're using Sarge package, charged $18 per month, and that on the 15th day, you've decided to upgrade to Maverick, which costs $30 per month. The price difference will be $12 per month, and since half of the month has already been used, you will be charged $6 and then from the next month month, you'll start getting charged $30.

If you violate BrandCat's Terms of Service outlined here your account will be terminated and we will not issue you any refund.